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The sudden demise of our dear Director, Mr Sintiong Gelet was a great shock. He left us in his prime. I have known him both as a good friend, colleague and boss for more than 30 years. He was a mentor and gave invaluable advice which helped me progress in my work in many ways. He was an excellent director as he was humble and had time for everyone among staff who needed his advice. He passing is a great loss not only as a Director of the Sabah Museum but also as a boss, mentor and friend. We are greatly saddened by his departure. But our loss is heaven's gain. He will always be remembered. My sincere and deepest condolences to his family. From: Judeth John Baptist, Sabah Museum.

My most profound condolences to Sintiong's family, staff of Sabah Museum And AJK Koleksi. I am deeply saddened by Sintiong's sudden passing, a shock! I have known him since he worked at the Ministry; he became a valuable asset of the Sabah Museum when he moved with his science background and subsequent professional training and MSc in Museum Studies at the prestigious University of Leicester, UK. He was a very humble person, unassuming Director, but very thoughtful and considerate in his work and dealing with the staff. He was also an able and perceptive writer, with an admirable capacity to grasp issues and deliver their summary accordingly that are usually accompanied by his particular brand of humour. This quality we shall miss at the various openings, lectures and symposia organized by the Sabah. Sintiong has left a legacy and an imprint of a museum standard for his successors to emulate. Indeed, he has left in his prime and before his time, which is a great loss to the sabah Museum. He has been taken because God loved him more. I shall miss him as a friend, colleague and head of JK Koleksi and also his humour. May he Rest In Peace. PS: I am in Kuching attending the Bead Conference. But my thoughts and prayers are with you all during this bereavement. From: Patricia Regis, Former Director of Sabah Museum.

Pemergian mendiang En. Sintiong Gelet, Pengarah JMS telah mengejutkan seluruh warga muzium seluruh negara...mendiang merupakan seorang sahabat, rakan kerja dan ketua yang baik...humble...amat sukar dilupakan...saya mengenali mendiang sejak mula bekerja di muzium pada tahun 1986 sebagai Ketua Bahagian saya di Bahagian Pemeliharaan dan Ketua Bahagian Pendidikan...mendiang merupakan pengarah yang mempunyai wawasan untuk masa depan muzium yang membangun...Salam takziah buat keluarga mendiang. Daripada: Nismah Kanak dan staf MTIS.

"He never questioned you and he supported you because he trusted you to deliver the job" my experience working with him. From: Robin F Lojiwin, Sabah Museum.

The Sabah Society would like to extend our condolences to The Sabah Museum and Mr. Sintiong Gelet's family on the passing of the Sabah Museum Director, Mr. Sintiong Gelet. The Sabah Museum Director, by default was also The Sabah Society Ex-Officio and had contributed much to the historical awareness of the Sabah community. From: The Sabah Society.

"I'm sorry for your loss; this is incredibly sad news and I send my condolences from Australia. I remember Sintiong as a patient and hardworking Pengarah - I'm sure his passing will be felt throughtout the Museum and beyond". From: Callan Schultz, Phd. student, Australian National University.

As members of the ICTM PASEA Executive Committee, we would like to express our deepest sympathies and sincerest condolences on the passing of your Museum Director, Mr Sintiong Gelet. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and the Museum Staff. The late Mr Sintiong Gelet was a valuable and highly respected member of the Department of Sabah Museum. The effects of his loss are being felt already by those of us who had the honour and pleasure of working with him. We are greatly saddened that he will not be with us during the 5th ICTM PASEA Symposium, an initiative that he had supported all along in the same way he had supported similar initiatives in the past, spearheading collaborative resourcefulness for the Sabah Museum and for his Museum Staff. As we comprehend this profound loss, we shall remember him as a person of gentle spirit and loving nature, and a giving person of great character. May his soul rest in peace. Our sincerest condolences. For the ICTM PASEA Executive Committee,
Mohd Anis Md Nor,
Chair, The ICTM Study Group on Performing Arts of Southeast Asia (ICTM-PASEA), International Council for Traditional Music, a Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO.