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Director's Message

Dear Friends and Guests of The Sabah Museum,

Greetings from Malaysian North Borneo, Sabah, Land Below The Wind.  Welcome to your Sabah Museum’s web-site.  Take your liberty to kindly surf and browse through from the comfort of your home, office or maybe from right in the middle of God’s mother nature’s best creations.  If the brilliant and gallant American writer Agnes Newton Keith have the opportunity to dive into this web-page, I could imagine her entertaining and at the same time eager to know what has become of  her husband Harry Keith’s residence located at the breezely site now a museum internationally known as the Agnes Keith House, from where she wrote her non-fiction book Land Below The Wind.  I would imagine her coming annually to revisit her nostalgic second home right here at Sandakan.  Or maybe curious about all the memory lanes she had gone through, experiencing the local’s warm, gentle and kind hospitalities to mention a few.  I could imagine anything else.  You would, others and everybody might have their own speculation.  Interesting enough.  You go and follow through the whole web-page and you will know what we meant.  Happy surfing.

This web-site is a timely up-to-date creation as to cater for the purpose of edutainment i.e. education and at the same gesture enjoying.  Not to forget information mining via this modern ICT tools, an alternative apparatus to out-reach the masses.  The primary purpose of establishing and creating the Sabah Museum is to spearhead the preservation, conservation and well-being of Sabah’s common pre-historical, historical, cultural and natural heritage for the current and future generations.  At the same pace it exhibits and interprets material evidence of Sabah’s pricelsess heritage for the purpose of education and enjoyment for the public.

For the more adventurous surfers, you will have the comfort of finding new information and items such as the SMRICHES (Sabah Museum Repository (of) Information (and) Cultural Heritage System) Collections.  You can access to the items of your interest at a very reasonable fees.  Other facilities provided include schedules of periodical displays and special exhibitions.  We hope you all the best.  Enjoy and at the same time learn. We also urge you and your families to visit the actual Sabah Museum’s premises at the various locations in Sabah.   All the best and be our special guests.  Thank you.


Encik Sintiong Gelet

Director Of Sabah Museum.