Museum Agop Batu Tulug, Kinabatangan

  • Admission fees

    • Malaysian Guests    RM 2.00
    • Non-Malaysian Guests    RM15.00
  • Malaysians only

    • Students in uniform - Free
    • Disabled Guests - Free
    • Senior Guests - Free
    • Taxi Drivers - Free

This museum is situated at Batu Puteh Village, about 41km from Kota Kinabatangan town ship and 80km from Sandakan town. It is an isolated limestone hill and reaches about 40 metres in height and is part of the Labang limestone formation, 20-25 million years ago. It was used as an ancient log coffin burial site from about 500 to 900 years ago.

There are three main caves in Agop Batu Tulug, namely Agop Sawat (upper cave), Agop Lintanga (middle cave) and Agop Suriba (lower cave). The caves here (Agop Sawat and Lintanga) contained more than 125 ancient log coffins, which represent one of Sabah’s unique cultural heritage.

How to Get There

We are located at Sandakan - Lahad Datu road and about 41km from Kota Kinabatangan town ship.

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Correspondence Address

Correspondence Address:
Museum Agop Batu Tulug
Kampung Batu Putih
WDT 197
90200 Kota Kinabatangan


(+60) 089 – 565145 / 551062



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Puan Safinah Yusof